Energy Saving Initiatives & Schemes

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

The purpose of an EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate, is to provide information on the energy usage and typical energy costs of a building or business and make recommendations about how to reduce this in order to increase efficiency.

Businesses must be graded E or better on a scale from A to G. The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) makes it illegal for commercial landlords to grant a tenancy if their property has an EPC rating lower than this. According to a Modern Building Society Article, figures show that around 20% of commercial properties have F or G ratings, which is around 200,000 commercial buildings.*

*Jason Tinsley, It’s time to think about changing up your chillerModern Building Services, 7 March 2018

Where does ThermOzone come in?

If a building incorporates chiller equipment, it is likely to have a high rate of energy usage, especially if it is over five years old. We can help by improving the performance of compressors and other equipment to reduce energy consumption.

This may help your business to comply with EPC standards and significantly improve energy efficiency.

ESOS & ESOS 2 (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)

The government established ESOS, or the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme as a way to assess the energy consumption of qualifying organisations and identify cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities. This applies to large UK undertakings and their corporate groups, mainly affecting businesses.

Qualifying organisations for the second phase of ESOS are:

  • UK companies that either employ 250 or more people, or have an annual turnover in excess of 50 million euro (£44,845,000), and an annual balance sheet total in excess of 43 million euro (£38,566,700)
  • Overseas companies with a UK registered establishment which have 250 or more UK employees (paying income tax in the UK)

What can ThermOzone do?

We can carry out an ESOS/ESOS 2 compliance assessment of your air-conditioning equipment for you, following these steps:

  1. Calculate your total energy consumption
  2. Identify your areas of significant energy consumption

ThermOzone may identify cost-effective energy saving measures to improve the efficiency of your compressors and chiller equipment, reducing energy consumption.

With Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier status achieved and held for four years, ThermOzone have a proven track record for delivering project after project under our NuChill and ReChill brands, with tremendous and consistent improvements, not only for operating efficiency and less energy, but also improved reliability and longevity.

Oh yes, and at a cost generally less than market price for new, imported equipment.

Why recycle, when you can simply re-use ?


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