Industrial Air Conditioning

All industries require ReChill® to maintain and update their current chiller equipment.

Smart Technology

In todays fast moving world of smart technology, we are able to provide a remote monitoring and control solution to assist with all forms of industrial needs. We offer bespoke design of your control system via our Magnum software.


The state of the art Rodem control can be applied to a variety of chillers in the leisure industry, including ski slopes, ice rinks and food processing facilities.

Industrial Air Conditioning Services

ThermaGroup is a reputable manufacturer and provider of air conditioning and refrigeration units, specialising in chillers and compressors. With our expertise, we supply, repair, and service all the leading makes of compressors, chillers, air-conditioning, and refrigeration units found throughout the HVAC industry. When it comes to industrial clients, we understand the unique cooling requirements of various sectors, including the leisure industry and food processing facilities. Let’s explore the type of work we do, who we do it for, and why our industrial air conditioning services are invaluable:

1. Leisure Industry:
In the leisure industry, maintaining ideal temperature conditions is essential for providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for patrons. ThermaGroup has extensive experience working with leisure facilities such as ski slopes and ice rinks. We offer tailored air conditioning solutions that effectively regulate temperature and humidity levels in large indoor spaces. Our systems are designed to handle the demanding cooling requirements of these specialised environments, ensuring optimal conditions for both participants and spectators.

2. Food Processing Facilities:
Food processing facilities require precise temperature control and hygienic conditions to ensure product quality, compliance with regulations, and food safety. ThermaGroup understands the critical role of air conditioning in such environments. Our solutions are designed to provide reliable and efficient cooling, preserving the integrity and freshness of food products throughout the production process. We offer specialised systems that maintain consistent temperatures, manage humidity levels, and promote proper air circulation, supporting optimal food processing conditions.

3. Remote Monitoring:
ThermaGroup recognizes the importance of proactive monitoring and management for industrial air conditioning systems. Our remote monitoring capabilities allow us to remotely assess system performance, collect data, and identify potential issues in real time. By utilizing advanced monitoring technologies, we can promptly detect anomalies, optimize system efficiency, and ensure that your air conditioning units are operating at their peak performance. With our remote monitoring service, we provide proactive maintenance and minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns or disruptions to your operations.

industrial chiller air conditoining company

Why choose ThermaGroup for your industrial air conditioning needs?

Expertise: With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we understand the unique cooling challenges faced by the leisure industry and food processing facilities. Our team of experts can design and implement tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Reliability: We prioritize reliability and understand the critical nature of industrial operations. Our air conditioning units are built using high-quality components and advanced technologies, ensuring robust performance and minimising downtime.

Compliance and Food Safety: For food processing facilities, compliance with regulations and food safety standards is crucial. ThermaGroup’s air conditioning solutions are designed to meet stringent requirements, helping you maintain compliance and ensure the safety and quality of your products.

Energy Efficiency: We are committed to energy-efficient solutions that help reduce operational costs and environmental impact. Our systems are designed to optimize energy usage while delivering effective cooling, promoting sustainability in your industrial operations.

Take the first step towards reliable and efficient industrial air conditioning. Contact ThermaGroup today to discuss your specific cooling requirements, schedule a consultation, or request a quote. Our team of experts is ready to provide customised solutions and ensure optimal conditions for your industrial facility.


Cooling Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing plants often face unique challenges in maintaining consistent temperature levels across different areas of their facilities. These challenges are further compounded by the heat generated by machinery and manufacturing processes. ThermaGroup offers customised cooling solutions that are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of manufacturing environments. Our air conditioning systems ensure a stable and comfortable climate for both workers and machinery, enhancing productivity and protecting sensitive equipment from overheating. By understanding the specific requirements of each manufacturing plant, we can provide solutions that optimise air quality and temperature control, contributing to a safer and more efficient workplace.

Energy-efficient Design and Implementation

ThermaGroup is committed to providing industrial air conditioning solutions that prioritise energy efficiency, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and operational costs. Our systems feature the latest in energy-saving technologies, including variable speed drives, energy recovery ventilators, and advanced control systems. These technologies allow for precise cooling and reduced energy consumption, making our solutions both environmentally friendly and cost-effective for our clients.

Maintenance and Support

Understanding the importance of reliability and uptime in industrial operations, ThermaGroup offers comprehensive maintenance and support services for all our air conditioning and refrigeration units. Our service agreements are designed to provide regular inspections, cleaning, and preventative maintenance, ensuring that your systems remain in peak condition. Our experienced technicians are available for both scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs, offering prompt and professional service to minimise downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

Your Industrial Air Conditioning Needs

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has made us a trusted partner for businesses across various industries. With ThermaGroup, you benefit from tailored cooling solutions, energy efficiency, comprehensive support, and the flexibility to grow. Let us help you maintain optimal conditions in your facilities, ensuring the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your operations.


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Emergency chiller repair from our experienced team.


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Industrial Chillers

Technical assistance and advice with our site surveys.



We supply, repair and service refrigeration compressors.

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We specialise in providing Chiller and Compressor solutions to Data Centres, Transportation, Industrial and Commercial industries. Find out more below.


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We supply and service compressors and offer repairs on leading compressor brands found throughout the HVAC industry. We also specialise in chiller and air-conditioning supply, repair and servicing.

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