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Benefits of Using RODEM® in a Crisis

The future of Chiller Service Support is Remote Access Since RODEM® was first launched in 2014 we have now established remote access upon Chillers at sites across the UK. The current Coronavirus crisis has seen the RODEM® system come into its own….


Energy Efficiency in Chillers

For many medium to large commercial buildings the air conditioning service is largely provided by circulating cold or ‘Chilled’ water. The principle of its application for air-conditioning is simple, being the opposite of the familiar hot water central heating found…

Taking Control of Retrofits

Taking Control of Retrofits

ThermOzone Director Trevor Dann explores the potential benefits of replacing chiller controls. Developing our well-established ReChill concept, it became apparent that certain projects required just one principal element of the armoury of techniques – controls replacement. After ~10 years’ service,…


How is your equipment faring?

ThermOzone director Trevor Dann explores the potential benefits of extending the lifespan of equipment. Following on from the demonstrations by protesters in London and the speech to Parliament by teenager Greta Thunberg, concerns for the threats from climate change are…

Remote Reaction

Remote Reaction

Remote Diagnostics and Energy Management Trevor Dann explains the benefits of remote diagnostics and energy management for the data centre cooling market. Of all users of cooling equipment, machinery used to support data and IT cooling is among the most…

ACR Journal - May 2019

ACR Journal – May 2019

Compressor Technology Following on from recent disturbances in London caused by the demonstrations by Climate change protesters and the speech to Parliament by the teenager Greta Thornberg, concerns for the threats from Climate change are currently in sharp focus. Our…

The F Gas Situation for Chillers

The F Gas Situation for Chillers

The EU F Gas II regulations 2014 (Regulation EU 517/2014) announced an 80% phase down of HFC (HydroFluoroCarbon) refrigerants entering the market by 2030, based upon the quantity used in ~2011. Additionally certain very high GWP (Global Warming Potential) gases…

Renew or perhaps upgrade

Renew or perhaps upgrade

Data Centre Cooling – Renew or Perhaps Upgrade? Earlier data centres are approaching an age where their capital plant will be approaching its life point. Decent mechanical equipment should last at least 15-20 years, but sadly the past couple of…

ACR News Submission for July 2017

ACR News Submission for July 2017

Energy Effective Compression – ThermOzone Over the past two decades the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning industry has had to face up to some enormous challenges to deal with perceived environmental issues. – Ozone Depletion – with the resultant phase out of CFCs,…

The changing compressor over 30 years

The changing compressor over 30 years

Over the past three decades a revolution in compressor technology has taken place. This advance in compressor technology is affecting the vast majority of vapour compression cooling systems used for water chiller applications. For those manufacturing these water chillers to…


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